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Facilitating after sales product support for our leading international suppliers, (NovAtel, Spirent & GPS Networking), the company offers a comprehensive range of technical consultancy and professional services. In addition, the company is intimately involved with several of Australia’s leading academic research projects while also actively participating in both domestic (IGNSS) and international (IoN) technical industry forums. 

In summary, the team at GPSat Systems are highly skilled, have access to elite “cutting edge” laboratory test equipment, are associated with the best minds in the academic research and are fully supported by our global industry partners. The GPSat Systems team are second to none when it comes to GNSS consultancy or professional services.  



Consultancy, Services & Training

GPSat Systems Consultancy, Services & TrainingBelow is a brief overview of the consultancy, services and training offered by the company.

Technical Investigations - Studies into anomalous performances of either equipment and/or environments in which GNSS equipment is expected work but isn’t. Cause and effect investigations.

Product Comparison and Performance Analysis - Comparison of different products, or, same product different configurations analysing strengths and weaknesses. 

Project Scoping & Definition - Concept design offering potential GNSS solutions to a customer’s problem and then scoping /costing the follow up project.  

Summary of consultancy and services work:

  • Honeywell (Mn) - ASA GRAS Project technical investigations
  • AirServices - GRAS Project Technical investigations & project scoping
  • HarbourMarine - Product comparison & technical investigations
  • TCA- Training and  performance analysis
  • Many more

  Talk to the team as to how we might help you with your specific GNSS visionary concepts.



R&D Projects and Activities

GPSat Systems R&D Projects and ActivitiesOur ongoing research and product development is inspired by the desire to produce positive outcomes for both our customers and the environment. Improvements in our client’s efficiency and profitability translate directly to reduced impacts on the environment.

The company places a high emphasis on remaining at the fore front of the evolving GNSS industry, as such, it is currently the industry partner to three of Australia’s most significant Academic /Industry linked research projects associated with GNSS science and modernisation, these being.

  • Australian Research Council (ARC) – GPS Interference Detection & Location for Aviation. Commenced late 2009, this four year project partnered with UNSW–Satellite Navigation & Positioning (SNAP) group and University Adelaide are currently investigating technologies and techniques to rapidly characterise and locate RF in band interference sources to the GPS spectrum.
  • Australian Space Research Project (ASRP) – Platform Technologies for space, atmosphere and climate… Commenced mid 2010 with RMIT as the lead institution, this three year project will investigate many aspects of GPS signal Radio Occultation and ionosphere interaction to predict future weather patterns and GNSS network RTK performances plus potentially any up coming hazardous system disturbances.
  • Cooperative Research Centre – Spatial Information 2 (CRC)-SI2 GPSat Systems is one a large consortium of companies linking industry with all of Australia’s leading research tertiary institution studying GPS and emerging satellite navigation technologies.

Since 2002 with initial support from AusIndustry START, the company has been continuously developing a comprehensive GNSS Environmental Monitoring System for defence, aviation and industrial applications. Into the future, the company’s original work in Signal Integrity and Characterisation (refer SatGraf analysis tool) will be married with the ARC & ASRP project research outcomes to realise a truly expansive GEMS solution.



NovAtel OEM6 API Software Development

NovAtel GNSS Receivers

GPSat Systems is one of a very few global organisations that provide specialised support for NovAtel’s OEMV Application Programming Interface (API). The API feature can host customer applications directly onboard the OEM Receivers using the spare /idle electronic resources. Any standard C/C++ tailored software can be run on the API virtual interface eliminating the need for external processing hardware thus reducing development costs and time to market. 

The API feature is well suited for changing the interface characteristics of the receiver messages, or, accepting messages from external devices and blending with GPS data before retransmitting, or driving control signals based on highly accurate internal GPS derived timing. Talk to the engineering team about the limitless possibilities for the OEMV API enabled solutions. 



Equipment Rental & Calibration Services

NovAtel GNSS Antennas and EnclosureAs ancillary support product to product sales the company also offers a range of equipment rental and calibration services, with a brief over view below:

  • GNSS Equipment Hire - NovAtel products available for rental for off site field use. Negotiable and dependant on equipment availability and rental duration.
  • Access rental for GPSat’s GNSS simulation facility in Macleod. The simulators are located in a secure room where testing can be performed discretely if required. On-site technical support is also available. 
  • Calibration & Support – Annual calibration and support for Spirent simulators and other GNSS products. All calibration equipment maintained/used by the company are themselves annually calibrated, hence all work performed is accompanied by NADA calibration certificates for the equipment used.