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3D Spatially Aware Machines

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Traditional machine based position and orientation encoders used by mining bulk materials machinery have been the industry “mainstay” positioning sensors for decades. However, today they are unable to deliver the high navigation accuracies required for future machine and rail network 3D spatial control and the platform readiness for future Real Time Stockpile Mapping using advanced Radar and Laser Scan technologies.

Incremental productivity/efficiency improvement requires the latest disruptive navigation technologies reliably delivering machine 3D orientations to centimetre and milli-radian accuracies in real time. Today the 3D-SAM technology is delivering precisely this to its Australian mining customers.

Technology operational enhancements includes:3DSAM.jpg

  • 3D Backup Anti Collision
  • 3D Spatial Positioning
  • Remote Synthetic CCTV Vision
  • Continuous Integrity Updates
  • Navigation Sensor Duplication

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3D Spatially Aware Machines


Real Time Stockpile Mappings


Latest automotive Adaptive Cruise Control Radar 76GHz (ACCR-76) technologies (driver assist /driverless) offer the best long term prospects for practical usage in robust mining environments, (dirt, heat, vibration, moisture, etc.). Unlike expensive LIDAR (lasers), low cost ACCR-76 is the most enduring technology available for delivering many years of reliable service, with virtually no routine maintenance required.

Traditionally volume measurements have required regular surveys of the surfaces followed by a comparison to a reference plane or datum which, through conventional methods, is both resource intensive and costly. RTSM provides up to date inventory that reflects both current and past (from data archive) stock levels and can display how stockpiles have changed over time.

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Real Time Stockpile Mapping System